Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Allah and IMalaysia, Politics of Perception!

Politics is about perception, it rarely about realities!

In understanding Malaysian politics, inclusive with the furor within Muslim over the use of Allah within the Malaysia's christian community, one have got to understand of many perspectives and belief of the Malay community.

First of all, the Malay Muslim don't trust their christian neighbor as they always feel that the christian is in the agenda of converting them to becomes christian! Ask any Muslims family in Malaysia, and this is their no 1 fear! (but dont ask people like Haris Ibrahim or Imtiaz as these so called Malay Muslim don't really care, These are the people that said, we pray to the same god! so why bother? But in Islam it not so! Go and ask Dr Haron Din)

Secondly, most Malay Muslim now, after GE12 are feeling threaten with all of this sudden demand from other races. See, Malay Muslim have always thought that all those special privilege is their right! Most are feeling uneasy over this as PKR are seemed to be neglecting the Malays Muslim, while giving away to the others.

Though many feels that UMNO is badly corrupted, but at least they have been giving a lots of aids like scholarships, contracts etc. Many Malay Muslims have benefited from this, either directly or indirectly. Good things are not easy ti give away!

Thirdly, many Muslim Malays are sceptical to DAP as a political party. Many of us, sees DAP as a replacement to PAP. Singapore has always been example to many Malay Muslims conversation about loosing their rights and becoming a 2nd class citizen in their homeland. To some this maybe not true, but this is the common perception.

By accepting that non-muslim can use the word Allah as God in the bible, PAS is seen as a traitor to the Malaysian Muslim! Even at current situation, PAS are divided over this.

Damage has been done, PR reputation is tarnised, not UMNO! Many of us sees it the other way around! Remember, politics is about perception! Here in this instances UMNO is seen as the champion for the Malays.

Remember that most voters are not into the alternative media. UMNO is very well alive in the Malay stronghold. If there is a swing of 10% of Malays vote in the next GE, with many putting a break from voting for DAP, BN through UMNO will get back their 2/3 majority.

The problem with many of us is that, we get complacent easily and get ourselves distracted. UMNO like to be seen as a weak party now, and after 52 years in power, I promised you they have got something on their sleeve.

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