Friday, January 29, 2010

Can I know what is happening to Pakatan Rakyat

As a PR voter last PRU, can I know what is happening to PR?

Don't pretend nothing happened?

Where is the collective responsibilities?

PKR is seems to be in a fixed... It seem that YB Zul from Kulim and Dato Seri Zahrain- MP from Penang is attacking their members MP from PR.

And what about DAP? have they lost their brains as well?It's a pity and utter disgrace on how they (PR) manage the issues that currently affecting many Malaysian..

  1. DAP is not and seem not interested to connect with the Muslim Malays by repeatedly questioning the special rights of the Malays.
  2. PKR have got internal problems and bickering amongst its Generals. Even they (PKR) are seen as being too lenient in sacrificing Malays Muslim right to pleased it liberalist.
  3. PAS is seen as prostituting Islam just to comfort DAP and PKR liberals. Well at least that is what many Malay Muslim perceived as being the case.
  4. The Malay Muslim are feeling threatened, (Allah issues) and PR is not doing anything to ease this!

What is happening here? Are Malay Muslim voters being ignored?

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