Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Wow, what a coincidence, the DAP's MB today decided to suspend the State Sec and Legal Adviser. Anyway he insisted that this is not revenge.. hahaha laughing stock lah Dato MB DAP ni..Tak sangka orang Alim Ulama pun berdendam jugak. hahahaha

Anyway, knowing that he have not got the majority, the DAP's MB need to call for fresh election, confidently hopping for a victory. Well like I said, it would be the Malays versus the rest, which UMNO will surely wins in the Malays dominated areas while DAP and PKR wins the rest of the seats.

Then what? back to status quo?

In the meantime, the Ex-MB, Zambry is asking for a stay of execution! come on lah Dr. Zambry fight it out in a fresh election lah!! Anyway, if he got the stay, then MB Nizar have to leave the MB office!

Sick and tired of all this lah...

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