Monday, May 11, 2009

Kerajaan Minoriti di Perak

Buat kali pertamanya dalam sejarah, lahir sebuah kerajaan minoriti di Perak.

The question is, can they govern?

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Anonymous said...

The probem is DAP and PAS have said something favourable about working with BN to solve the Perak situation.

Even Anwar has said something similar before the court verdict.

Was that a back-up in case Bn finally wins this case?

I am sure, BN will go all out to woo only PAS and realise the dream of the 'ketuanan' supremacy at the expense of DAP and PKR.

Pakatan guys better be more assertive instead of falling into such traps.

Ever notice how BN/UMNO has been praising PAS of late while whacking away DAP and PKR?

They (BN) have not given up. They are trying to still get PAS to break away from PR coalition.

Yes, BN will do anything....