Friday, July 25, 2008


I am for the Muzakarah between UMNO and PAS.

If it is for the betterment of the ummah why not?

I think the Non-Muslims should not worry about PAS and UMNO talking to each other lah. I think the whole thing about this Muzakarah was blown out of proportion.

In my opinion most Muslims and Malays are just anxious about the development in Malaysian politics. Some are seeing the roles of Malays and Islam as the centric to the Malaysian cultures is eroding with the many demands from the non-malays/ muslim.

As such concern from a Malaysiakini reader, P Dev Anand Pillai in his letter to Malaysiakini is totally unfounded.

PAS is not abandoning the Non-Malays! In fact nobody is! What is happening is; from the perspective of the Malays, the Non-Malays is actually abandoning the Malays by pressuring their cultures and religion, in addition to questioning article 153 of the federal constitution.

So, if UMNO and PAS banded together, it will be because of those pressure.

Just think about it.

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