Thursday, July 24, 2008

PAS and UMNO Talking: It Will Continue

According to various news media, PAS and UMNO will continue to talk, especially in matter regarding Islam. This was confirm by Tan Sri Muhammad Mohd Taib, the official spoke person for UMNO.

As for me, if the two parties wanted to talk then let them be. What we are interested in is are they going to be any outcomes from the muzakarah?

I think let us not jump the gun here! PAS insisted that they are going to stick with PR. Let us be positive here.

In my humble opinion, some of PAS leaders are actually having some sort of negative feeling working together with DAP especially in Perak and Penang.

DAP should have realize this! What we are looking now is that DAP are pushing their agenda while forgetting all together the feeling of PAS leaders in those states. In Perak, the so called 'Pangkor 2' agreement between PAS's MB and DAP leaders doesn't go very well with PAS supporters.

This is a sticky situation! DAP and PKR must realized that without PAS the two would have not govern in Perak or in that matter Penang.

While on the other hand, DAP supporters need to understand the feeling of the Malays. Some are petty like Chinese road signs and thing like that, but one must not forget that this are the sentiment that sensitive and touches the heart.

Most of the Malays are taught that the Chinese robbed Singapura from the Malays and it will be a huge tasks to elevate those negative perceptions.

For some of the Malays, the muzakarah between PAS and UMNO is long overdue and politically PAS is demonstrating their political muscle to DAP.

It goes like this, 'If you don't take care of us, we have other alternatives; so please listen to what we want to say'.

Like it or not, PAS is the real King Maker now.

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