Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am wondering if there really going to be a no confidence vote against PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. According to the updated report from Malaysiakini, SAPP will move forward the motion in parliament this monday.

There have been conflicting reports from various media about SAPP stand. In the earlier report from malaysiakini, it was reported that SAPP will move the motion, then it was reported in the STAR that SAPP would only support such a motion.

Then the Gate Keeper of Parliament, Datuk Sri Nazri Aziz, have stated such a motion need a 14 days notice in keeping with the standing order of Parliament.

However, it was mentioned that the it can be mooted if the speaker sees there is any urgent need to do so.

In addition to the this development, malaysiakini also reported that:

The unprecedented move compounded Abdullah's problems after disastrous March elections and it could trigger a ripple effect of dissent within the 14-party ruling coalition

As at today, I cannot see that there will be any domino effects from SAPP move, and I would agree with malaysiakini when they reported that:

There will be no point of return for SAPP in BN, at least until the current PM is removed.

All of us are watching the latest development, but my gut feeling says that SAPP will be all alone in their action as it is doubtful that the rest will follow.

UPDATED (190608)

BN supreme council will be holding a meeting to discuss SAPP action today. I would assume that there will be pressure for action to be taken against SAPP.

In view, I believed that SAPP will be kicked-out and SAPP will then join PR as a component.

We will see!

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alvin lee said...

i believe that the opposition parties will support SAPP's stand but i do not believe that the motion will ever see the light in Parliament. To start with, the motion will not get through the Speaker who is UMNO nominated. He needs to cari makan also-lah. In Parliament, the majority is still BN MPs. Among them,who in the sound mind will support the motion? They also cari makan.

The Way I See It said...

ha ha ha,

Cari Makan :)

I remember one ex MP told me that too..