Friday, June 20, 2008


It was reported in the mainstream media and also malaysiakini that SAPP got away free tonight.

According to SAPP President, Datuk Yong Teck Lee, as reported by malaysiakini, SAPP will make a decision Friday regarding what would be their next course of action.

I will be waiting to know what would be Yong next course of action. There no chorus of support for SAPP and it seems that even the member of PR are not so supportive or even responsive to SAPP.

This is contrary to malaysiakini political analyst (Ong Kian Ming and Co) opinion that there might be domino effect after SAPP announcement. I am also wondering if this just a drizzle before a start of a larger tornado in the Malaysian politics. From the way it is played, the drizzle is stoping, and the sun might shine after all for PM Abdullah.

Domino, there will be followers in the so called current? But it doesn't look that way, and it seems that most of Sabah politician are playing it safe.

Malaysiakini also reported that Tengku Razaleigh, the aspiring candidate for UMNO presidency mentioned that UMNO leadership credibility has lost. Really? PM Abdullah is battered, he is bruise but he is fighting back! He sure got courage there!

From the look of it the worst bruise in on Yong Teck Lee face when his second man, the Deputy President of SAPP distance himself from his boss. This is again contrary to another report by most independent news provider, that Yong Teck Lee has got backings from his political party.

Now, which is which?

Well PM Abdullah Badawi wasn't get Zapp after all. It seems the bruises is with SAPP's President.

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