Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Sapp MPs to move no-confidence motion


SAPP, a politial party (also a BN component party in Sabah) will put a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister this coming Monday, when Parliament is in session.

This was reported in malaysiakini.

A good point to observe is, will the speaker, who happened to be from Sabah will allow the motion to proceed and subsequently voted for.

I can see the trend on the dissatisfaction from SAPP (it hold 2 parliamentary seats) ever since the last General Election. The question is, will the other BN MPs will be for it, and I will hope that the voting, if there is any, will be held in a secret vote.

SAPP is short of calling its withdrawal from BN, in my opinion more of a political maneuver, on feelings and trends if there is any support for a mutiny. I believe that SAPP has got nothing to lose, and my bet will be on Sabah's UMNO MPs support towards the motion.

Let us not forget that SAPP is a Sabah's Chinese based political party, probably are playing to the tune that was advocated by Tun Mahathir on the creation of independent caucus amongst the BN MPs.

This will of course, put pressure for PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and I am not surprise if the move have got support from some UMNO leaders here in the peninsular.

This are putting many of UMNO leaders in a dilemma, as much as they are disagreeing with PM Abdullah, would they also support a no confidence motion brought by SUPP.

I remember one episode in British politics during the time of Margaret Tahtcher, when he was challenged by her conservative MPs lead by Michel Hasseltine, on which has lead her resignation and let to the appointment of John Major as PM.

John Major was known as a weak leader that brought to the downfall of the conservative to the Labour party lead by Tony Blair.

Will this happen to Malaysia too?

I hope SAPP are not use as a vehicle to topple the leadership in BN by some quarters within BN itself, and if prove yes, would have many political consequence in term of power struggle within UMNO and BN.

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