Sunday, June 01, 2008

When Everything Is Wrong

'When you think everything is Wrong, and you think you are RIGHT'.

Most of us do not know what we don't know, yet unfortunately we do not like to be told of our ignorance, cause we thought that we know. Then we are left out being ignorance due to our own foolishness.

Now, there is assumptions that what ever the government is doing is all wrong, and most of us like to bark at it. It seems that the government has never done anything good for the country and Malaysia is doom for destruction tomorrow.

And to make thing worst, it has becoming a racial thing, thank you to the dominance of many UNNO political LORDS that are happen to be Malays. As such the Malays are seen as being ineffective and inefficient people- reinforcing the the perception the colonial British wanted to build on the Malays.

Compounding the matter is the dominance of the Malays in the civil service, thus portraying again the ineffectiveness of the Malays.

Again and again, some non-Malays Malaysian are comparing the so-called 'effective' governing of Singapore and this is closely correlated with the majority Chinese in Singapore.

Most have come to a conclusion that Singapore (is seen to be better in governing) due to the fact it was manage by Chinese. Many of the local non-Malays are in actuality subscribing to this perception.

You can see the language of this people when they are responding to posting in most of this secular / and 'reformed' Malays in their top blogs.

Many has bashed the Malays for their so called reliance on government subsidy, saying and writing indiscriminately to the Malays community on various issues including how the Malays practice their Islam.

I keep on wondering, now who is more RACIST?

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