Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pump price at market levels by August?

It was reported in malaysiakini.com that the price for fuel will probably increase to RM 4 per litre should the subsidy be taken off and price at market rate.

Pump price at market levels by August?
Jun 3, 08 1:41pm

The government, which will announce the framework for its revamped fuel subsidy scheme tomorrow, has set the goal of raising the pump price to market levels by August, a minister said.

I doubt so the reporting as being an accurate. Yes, probably the subsidy will be gradually reduce, but not to a level where it will reflect the actual market price. PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi knew that he can't take the risk of upsetting the people at what ever cost.

For a start, I think the government mus take a pro-active measures to tackle the issue of Petrol Station owners from selling subsidized petrol to foreigners.

I can't imagine that those Petrol Station owners are making noises when the government wanted to restrict sales of petrol to foreigners/ tourist near the border. Can't they see they are are behaving like a pirates selling subsidized goods.

Probably they can sell to foreign car owners, but at the full market price! Stop all the crap that those people are contributing towards local development and all. We need to see if it was worth the cost of subsidizing and the economic value added that those foreigner/ tourist (and their car) are bringing in.

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