Friday, June 20, 2008


Anwar will be PM this September?

Yes, probably he would, if he can gather enough leaping frogs from BN to join his caucus. From what we perceive after reading 'Real Politic Podcast' written in Malaysiakini with regards to PM Abdullah political survival, it seems PM Abdullah is really in a deep situation.

What question remains is he really in trouble, or was it just our error in understanding the situation. Yes, as President of UMNO and Chairman of BN he has got to take the responsibility after BN fail to get 2/3 majority. But currently he is only short of 4 seats.

I think both Ong Kian Ming and Onn Yeoh erred in analyzing the political situation and have probably coming out with a not so accurate analysis. Much of their analysis was influence by western political school of thoughts and may not reflect UMNO or Malays political scenarios.

On their analysis they said that SAPP action has improved Anwar chances of becoming PM. I beg to differ on this. It seems the domino did not fall as expected after all, well at least not yet.

What will Anwar do then, will Anwar look for more frogs that are willing to leap into PKR or PR wheelbarrows? It would not be easy for Anwar to manage those frogs while driving the wheelbarrows both hand.

Tony Tien in his writing in Malaysiakini said that The expulsion of Sapp from BN may not go down well with Sabahans and the ruling coalition could be severely punished in the next polls...

Once again I will beg to differ on this. I would agree with Tun Mahathir that Tiny SAPP would have a slim chance of rocking PM Abdullah ship. We ought to look at the influence SAPP have among the Sabahan. To say BN will be punished is overly an over statement.

BN leaders are saying that Yong Teck Lee are alone in this political drama and that SAPP are equally divided. In a report by malaysiakini, the party supreme council meeting, which kicked off at 10am at Sapp headquarters in Kota Kinabalu, is expected to be a showdown between party boss and his deputy.

I must admit that I am a great admirer of Anwar Ibrahim, but I know that I must live in the real world when dealing with political situation.

Most of UMNO or even BN leaders have political blisters (kudis) on their body. Any attempt for mutiny against the current Captain will resulting the Captain will expose those blister publicly.

I am not counting Anwar will be PM anytime this year or even next year. I am hoping though, that PR will be a effective oppositions in parliament.


Anonymous said...

Me, for the first time, is sick and tired of Pakatan Rakyat.

johnny cheah said...

Anonymous, why you don't like PR. Maybe you are thinking to join BN. Hoping that AAB will give you a senatorship and you can be appointed as a minister. What a joke

suffering rakyat said...

KJ(khinzir jantan),The RICHEST UNEMPLOYED PERSON IN THE WORLD and the greediest pig of all AMNO goons, anonymous u want to be like them to make RAKYAT SUFFERING?.

Helloween said...

aiya jonni ah...wat so gleat about your pakatan lakyat..

itu anwar islael manyak modoh punya melayu..

itu apek lim kit siang pun sama la..itu pun siang pun sudah mau malam still tlying loo...

itu kapal sing still donno wat song to sing..

but dont wolly la i have one song for you la..may be you can join togethergether la haa..may be you guys can have some thrill loo other than hali hali mau celamah saja..please you know..kalau tak manyak lugi meh..

selamat maju jaya

u go to this adless haa..

Omong said...
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Frank said...

Anwar will NOT be PM.

It is not that I don't want him to be PM. It is that Destiny's hand will deny him the PM.


It has to be an N.

If BN loses, it has to be someone with an N.

Anybody want to bet?

I have already won three bets in the past:

a)That when Ku LI went for the President of UMNO post, I said he will lose and Mahathir will return the position

b) That Musa as DPM will never be the PM

c) When Anwar was removed, I bet that it will be someone with an A, and I put my money on Abdullah Badawi.

My bet today stands that the next PM will have his initials with N.

- If BN survives and Pak Lah removed, it could be Nor Yakcop. Najib's full name is Mohd Najib.

- If BN is kicked out, N in the PR include Nik Aziz, Nasarudin ...

I am taking bets

Kamal Ahmad said...

frank, your cooky theory was first heard in 1981. it was from a swami in india (i stand corrected). i shall spare the rest of the details. who to say you are right or wrong. but personally, despite the favouring odds i have always refused to entertain it at all. frank, you have missed one name in umno- and that is nik mustapha.