Saturday, June 07, 2008


This is a new trend amongst most non-malays or even 'moderate' malays about the Malay race..

It seems this is a new epidemic that is now getting worst by the day.

From the writings in most blogs, either directly or is hidden between the lines, all fingers are pointing towards 'accusing' the Malays as being incompetence, power crazy or blood suckers...

It sad to see when most of them are accusing that most Malays student who was granted a PSD scholarship are second raters, a Malay MB or CM is inefficient (look at some hardcore DAP supporters at their blogs) even a PKR MB was not spared! at the point of trying to govern with transparency... sigh..

Tun Mahathir has warn the Malays that Racist, Race Extremist and Chauvinist will capitalized on the defeat of BN, indeed he was right!

I wonder when all this nonsensical demands about race equality going to stop? Equality.. what equality?

Go around, and open your eyes, are they actually equality in the Malaysian economy? Who benefited the most? For the records, most of people that makes fortune are mostly non-malays.
Where does the Malays really stand?

You can go to a MNC HQ in KL. Look at the list of its employees, mostly are non-malays. Don't tell me that Malays are not up to it! It is just plain discrimination amongst the non-malays senior managers.

So stop talking about equality...

Most of us want equality, but the Malays must not be the one who have to sacrifice their rights. Those of you, who are non-malays also must open your eyes and not to discriminate the Malays.

Then, only then it will be a Win-Win situation.

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Anonymous said...

What the fxxx u talking about! The MNC is a bottom line industry whereby only the productive, efficient and hardworking employees are hired! Maybe u dont understand the concept (maybe u never run a business before)but in the rpivate sectors theres no free lunches. Only the best are keep whereas the lazy ones are sacked. I run my business and my team consists of malay as well as non-malay and I hire and fire according to productivity and efficiency...NOT by the color of their skin. You are so racist!