Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Malaysiakini was in a celebration mood yesterday! I seems that successfully registration of Parti Sosialis Malaysia or PSM as seen as being a victory for the people.

What many of us fail to see is that the registration of PSM as a registered political party effectively reduce the number of seats hold by PKR in parliament. As I can recalled, PSM contested and won 3 parliament seat under the PKR banner.

PKR's parliamentary seat is now counted as 28! I did re-collect statements by PSM leaders that PSM will vote along its socialist principles and will vote against the PR if any motions/ actions are against their principles.

Nothing is free, and there is no free lunch, what really make the government make a u-turn of the approval? The way I see it, it was more of a political decision rather than procedural!

Let us not celebrate as yet!

The PR coalition is having a tough time now, PAS youth are making demands for Islamic Laws, His Royal Highness The Sultan of Selangor are angry with the state's youth committee while in Perak most Malays voters are seeing the current MB as only the spoke-person for DAP.

Compounded by the issue of NEP in Penang, most all PR state government are struggling politically. Except Kedah and Kelantan, the situation among the PR govern state is not that rossy.

Now with PSM coming in the fray, each of PR components will muscle their influence and trying to out-do each of their member to keep the support from their voters.

I am very interested to see how Islmic Party, a Socialist, Race Chauvinist and a so-called Multi Racial political parties jive together.

While MIC, MCA and Gerakan are moving to out-do UMNO in championing their own race based political agenda, UMNO is left struggling to please everybody, it seems.

So I can conclude that the successful registration of PSM will implicate further pressure on the leaders of PR, already juggling with so many political pressure and demand from their own grass root.

I think that is why the much awaited 'Shadow Cabinet' is so difficult to be formed.

What will happen if PR really won the federal government?

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