Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yes, it is confirm that it is SAPP official stand on requesting and supporting for a no confidence motion against PM Abdullah Badawi. So Pak Lah what are you going to do about it?

According to the report by malaysiakini, 'The party (SAPP) supreme council endorses its president's call for a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi...'

However, it was also decided in the meeting that SAPP will not quit BN. I think the stand by SAPP is correct. SAPP have got nothing against BN, only they have lost the confidence on the leadership of PM Abdullah.

SAPP is playing its card very well indeed. They will say that 'look we did not quit, we were kick out for saying the truth'. 'PM Abdullah wanted to listen to the truth, so SAPP is only doing what PM Abdullah told them'. Is that wrong?

In another statement reported by malaysiakini , Yong Teck Lee quoted that 'We are prepared to face the consequences... '.

We can guess what the consequences would be right? It would be either be sacking, or just a harsh reprimand'. All of it would depend on how PM Abdullah want to play it. What would you think? Play it hard, or just play it soft?

Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim in his speech celebrating 100 days of PKR lead Selangor State government, have officially called for BN MPs to join him to form a PR federal government.

'Come and save this country. Come join us,' the Pakatan Rakyat leader told BN MPs in his speech at a rally to celebrate Pakatan's 100-days in power in Selangor'.

I wonder how many BN MPs will change form from human to be a leaping beast?

PR would have 84 MPs behind them now, while BN is short of 6 to get the 2/3 majority. I am not sure Ibrahim Ali will fall into PR caucus, and he is quite unpredictable.

But, in all,I must say, don't discount PM Abdullah yet, he is a season politician and he knows how to play his political cards. Look, Musa, Anwar even Razaleigh failed during Tun Mahathir reign. He succeeded, well at least we manage to convince Tun Mahathir that he is up to it.

Stanley Koh from malaysiakini wrote that the end for BN is nigh, as more dissident expected soon.

Don't you think that Stanley is over stating it? It is not High Noon at PWTC yet and knowing how UMNO behave, there will be little chances for a show.

Now let us see if PM Abdullah will manage to convince UMNO/ BN that he can withstand the political turmoil. Probably he is just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We will see.

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