Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Selangor Ban Islam Hadhari Program

It was reported in , in the malay language section, that Datuk Dr. Hassan Ali has directed all mosque in the state of Selangor to ban programs that is related to the concept of Islam Hadhari.

Now, it was also reported that PAS Perak is urging the state government to follow. You can get the full story here.

I on a personal note, disagree with the decision made by Datuk Hassan Ali and the State of Selangor. Taking the issue head-on, I think it was a political decision rather than governmental decision. Why do I say this?

It is quite plain simple. In Islam, if you are doing something good like (giving for poor, promote for a just and equal society etc), and that what you are doing does not go against the syarie, then we can term it as Amal Maaruf. Then if we are doing sopmething good and not contravene the Syarie, why should we ban those program.

Did Islam Hadhari say something about the syariah? No, it was only on the way Muslim should relates to the non-muslims, in term of working together and equal society. Isn't that what PR is all about, about equality?

Datuk Abdullah Badawi never proclaim that Islam Hadhari is a new sect of Islam. Did he, or did he claim that he is a man after Muhammad SAW? He did not said that either.

I am not saying that I am a convert of Islam Hadhari, No and never will I. But if the program is something that promote the betterment of the Muslim society, why not?

Let us get non-partisan about the issue. Islam Hadhari, is not a new religion, the 10 principles of Hadhari relates to the civilization of Islam and Muslims.

Which you prefer? Islamic brand? Then it will be Islam PAS style or Islam UMNO style.

In Islam there is no such brand. We have the four recognized Mazhab or Sect. Then we have the Sunnah and the Shite.

Are we going to be further divided into Syafie Sect and another Sub Sect called Hadhari, just because of our political conviction?

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