Thursday, May 29, 2008

Post GE 12: Malays The Main Loser?

Either it just a perception or reality among the Malays, most will say that Malays are the main loser and not UMNO or BN.

One Malay father in sub-rural Perak lamented, 'Now the non-malays are getting more scholarship than before the election. How can this be, when most of them are already rich'.

One might say well that is not true, but perception is real in the eye of those people who subscribe to it. Most of Malays (forget people like Haris or RPK, they are a different class all together) share this feeling.

Most on the fence Malays voters are now saying that BN is deserting them by bowing to the non-malays request, alas they feel that PR are dominated mostly by non-malays parties (dominated by DAP).

Are the Malays the real loser here?

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Bewildered Young Malay said...

Pray tell me, what did the Malays lose? Count them? I don't need jokes, ok! Hard list.

What did the Chinese demand that's un-Islamic?

What did the Chinese demand that's unconstitutional? One, two, three?

Pray tell me which scholarship that would have gone to a Malay was given to a Chinese? One, two?

Are you saying UMNO is Malay or Malay is UMNO? Are PAS and PKR Malays traitors? I thought they were chased out, beaten and jailed? I thought they were character assassinated and torn into shreds by UMNO media? Like in the case of PAS where UMNO always preached to the Chinese that Islam as preached by PAS is evil and inhumane. Pray, tell me one by one. No emotions or perceptions or fantasies. Ok?