Saturday, May 24, 2008

Are We Good For Nothing?

It was reported that ICJ's judgment was in favor of Singapore.

It was also reported that in defending the case at ICJ, we spend less amount of money in forming a respected legal team than the 'Angkasawan' project. While Singapore prepare their argument with solid preparation, our team was only 'melepaskan batuk di tangga'.

This is very unfortunate, we lost the case because the incompetency of our legal 'expert'.

Those 'officers' and 'diplomat' should resign and accept the responsibilities. Our Foreign Minister has quoted that this is a 'win-win' situation. Cut all that craps Datuk Minister!

We lost an island on the basis that we did not do any development on it. What about Pulau Pisang? Will Singapore claim it in the near future?

I like to show a comment by one of Kit Siang reader on this issue:
  1. raven77 Says:

    It’s the simple case of the tenant who stayed too long without objections from the landlord and developed the property better…..therefore awarding the tenant the property……….will this law be translated to Malaysian real estate…..if it is…..we may have an economic boom……

I do not want to speculate the meaning (between the lines) but from my understanding the writer indicate that if the bumi @ malays give the non-malays this country, there will be an economy boom... Well, forgive me, but that is what I believe the writer intended meaning.

As a Malays, I see this as a subtle aggression, indicating that the Malays is not for nothing! It is unfortunate that this kind of mentality amongst the non-malays have on their malays friend.

Some of you may have other interpretation, so be it.

It is so unfortunate.

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