Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dr. Mahathir: The Racist Card

Please click HERE for the full writing by Dr. Mahathir.

I was never a fan of Tun Mahathir, though I am respect him for his ideas and logical thinking.

Some people says that he is racist for talking about the affairs of the Malays.

But his latest post really hit the Million Ringgit jackpot. Why was it when the Malays talk about the Malays social and political situation, then we are considered Racist, whereas, when other races talk about the rights of the Chinese, Indian or even Dayaks, their point is for the so called liberation of the Malaysian citizens rights?

In my previous posting, the main loser here is the Malays. UMNO and their BN components are trying to give in to the demands and pressure of the non-Malays. While PR is heavily under pressure from DAP for the so called 'meritocracy' and 'superiority' of the Chinese.

Well Mr. Politician, the Malays community too have their Problems and Needs. Most of us Muslim Malays are only asking for understanding. Understand our culture, our faith and our predicaments.

The problem with most of us is ' When we think we are RIGHT, we will consider everybody else is WRONG'.


ck said...

Aiyo, after so many years you tak faham politicians meh.

Every time when Mahatir think he is losing Malays support he will hentap non-malays by saying non-malays taking over Malays' right la bla bla bla.

When he think he is losing non-malays support he will hentap Malays by saying Malays malas la mudah lupa la and ungrateful to him.

So any thing new about our TDM?

Manufacturers said...

Yeah i agree with ck. But when we ply open and analyze carefully what TDM said that the rights of Malay are being eroded as Non-Malays are claiming their rights?

I dont agree... as Non-malays are never in the mood or luxury in Malaysia to fight for their rights, let alone approximating the rights from Malays. I believe it is Malays themselves who are fighting among each other.

And Non-Malays are not trying to reduce the rights of Malays when they claimed that they are bangsa malaysia. They are merely trying to highlight that their efforts be acknowledged, and can we say when Chinese and Indians are claiming that they should be treated equal in economics, education, (note without reducing the rights of Malays) be considered racist? If they are really racists, they must be construed as while advancing their claims, they intentionally downgrading the despising the Malays. But this never happened to them.

So what ever TDM said in his blog is half true and tried to fan racial hatred and misunderstanding.