Friday, May 23, 2008

'Arrest Dr M under ISA '


Give former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad a taste of his own medicine by arresting him under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows detention without trial.
Do it before he does more damage
He needs 'rehab' in Kamunting camp

I personally do not agree with the reporting or else point of view of who ever has wrote that article in

UMNO knows better of the political influence of Tun Mahathir. It will bring more damage than good, especially amongst the Malays population. Arresting him would be a bad public relation move.

One have got to remember that Tun M was one of an ISA detainees too during his younger years. He is one of those graduate of what they call as 'Universiti Kedua'.

What we need most today is political stability. For me if Tun M want to rant, let him but respect must always be there. One cannot deny that he has done a lot for the country, and some will admit that he may have acted like a dictator during his days as the PM.

Love him, hate him, he is still the grand old man of Malaysia. No, not that I am now beginning love him, I still think that he has ''interfere' with the democratic fundamental of the country, but time has passed and we need to look forward.

Tun Mahathir has become like Tunku the last time around. The table has been turned.

But did Tun Mahathir arrested Tunku for criticizing him? No. So the current government must avoid confronting him. In politics, there is no 'tic for tac'.

Once a new government is formed, it need to act fast. It need to manage the economy and the internal affairs.

Let our former PM rants. At least he will ensure that the current PM put his feet on the ground. There will be no PR government in the near future, I am not dreaming it! Let us face the reality of it.

We have to make do with the current one, at least until the next general election.


Judge Dread said...

Does one honestly believe that Mahathir only raves and rants and nothing else?

Do you subscribe to a law with double standards? One in which Mahathir can istigate the unthinking mobs into racial violence, and that is considered not seditious?

While the slightest remarks by a non Malay on the lagalistic aspect of a Sultan's opinion, is seditious?

Do you seriously think that leaders should only make populist action and not undertake unpopular but correct, actions?

Should things be allowed to get worst before any action is taken?

Come, come, leadership is not an easy task. Let's not live by double standards nor idle in pre-empting or heading off trouble ubtil troubles hits us!

That would be a fool's world.

Let's not be naive.

Anonymous said...

Have the Mamak Mahathir indicted for many evils he did and the corruptions he and his children, in the name of NEP. Have him in court before he gets his final attack!!!