Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Going Back To Malayan Union

I think with all the demands from the non-malays for equal rights and limitation of the influence and power of the Malays Sultan and Raja, then i must conclude that we are indeed going back to the spirit of the creation if Malayan Union.

The stronger the voice of Karpal Singh and those DAP hardliners the more Malays are running back to UMNO.

What a waste to what we have achieve so far! I think PR is alienating the Malays more than before the election.

What now Datuk Seri Anwar? Most of Malays PR voters are waiting for more development, and don't blame it on SPR next election, when most PAS and PKR candidates will be deserted by the Malays voters.

I think DSAI need to moderate Karpal and his gang!

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