Thursday, May 15, 2008

AirAsia Under Pressure?

Read this from Utusan Malaysia.

Aiyo, Tony come on lah.

Competition is good for everybody. Initially you said that your business model is the best, now you are saying MAS is stabbing you from the back.

What is this?

Its a 'Win-Win' situation for everybody. KLM has done it, and it works, so if MAS want to try it, let them try. AirAsia should not be too sensitive.

At least we can expect a good competition and hope AirAsia will 'at least' put some effort to improve its inefficiency like flight delays etc.

Now everybody can fly, isn't it?

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Tony said...

I am all for competiton . No issue with MAS fares . All I am asking for is more competition. We should be allowed to compete on routes to Singapore . kind regards tony