Sunday, March 23, 2008

Palace and Prime Minister, Battle Royale Looming?

It is very disappointing to see how Abdullah Ahmad Badawi deal with crisis between the Terengganu Palace with the state BN.

What does the Terengganu BN is trying to prove?

What Rasol is trying to prove, we all know Idris Jusuh is behind all this! I think enough is enough! We all know it is the prerogative of the Palace to appoint the MB. What are those 22 ADUN trying to do?

Apparently this will create a constitutional crisis yet again. But this time around things are different! BN do not have the 2/3 majority to bull doze their way to amend the constitution.

Why none of those NGOs that is inclined to the 'Ketuanan Melayu' making any noises? UMNO also claim it is the guardian of the Malays Rights.

Isn't the Palace is also part of the special Malays Right? Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is going into a deep hole, and the price of getting out of it is very high!



Anonymous said...

UMNO derhaka!! Pak Lah derhaka!! Idris Derhaka!!

Zanie said...

I suggest Sultan retaliates by stripping off their terengganu citizenship like the ancient times. Barred them from entering the land of Terengganu for live!

Better still, do it like Laksmana Bentan story. Barred them until the 7th decendent!