Monday, March 24, 2008

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is Deaf?

It was reported that all but one of the Terengganu UMNO divisional chief supported Ahmad Said as the new Terengganu MB.

This is a new development in the crisis. Is this a sign that UMNO Terengganu is in a crisis!

Damn, this is interesting! First the Royal, now all the UMNO divisional chief. Maybe Terengganu will be the first to announce their support for a party election and change of a new president.

What now Pak Lah? Still sleeping? Maybe Muhyiddin Yassin has more common sense than Pak Lah and Idris Jusuh!

Maybe Pak Lah will sleep on this and let Tengku 'fake royal' Adnan settle this for him and KJ.

Disgusting lah!

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