Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oppositions Parties Must Not Get Excited!

Now is the time that the oppositions get excited!

One got to remember that is win in GE2008 is a combine effort and does not belong to any political party.

Remember when PAS thought their wins was because of their political influence and was not due to Anwar Ibrahim sacking from government in 1999. They pushed forward the idea of 'Islamic States' in Terengganu? The next thing they knew, they were kick out of office in 2004.

Now, bearing in mind that this is a combined effort, and some sacrifice is needed.

The issue of Perak when DAP won 18 seats, with the post of Chief Minister is still hanging, the people is looking at the appointment, and bearing in mind the political power of UMNO and Malaysa, bearing in mind that Perak is a Malay majority state.

If DAP insisted for the CM to be a Chinese, then come next election, UMNO will capitalise and use this as an election issue. DAP will then be a one season CM!

The domino effect will be, UMNO will use this as an issue to gain back popularity from PAS and PKR. This will then dominate the political structure of Malaysia.

Sensitivity and sensibility is needed in handling this delicate issue. Remember when Lim Guan Eng talk about keeping the CM job in Penang for a chinese and even willing to work with Gerakan to ensure this?

What happen if PAS is saying the same thing in Perak? Remember that there is a very slim majority in Perak!

Let us move beyond and walk out talk...

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