Sunday, March 09, 2008

Drawing Board and Translating Those Plan

Just as at now, TV3 is still spinning news on the inability of the oppositions to work together and to form states government they won in GE 12.

There are plenty of people out there who is praying very hard for the failure of any joint collaborations between the alternative parties.

The voters are also eager to see if the alternative parties can deliver their promises. Remember, that when people see the alternative parties as not being able to work together, they will be on the attacking mode. One option is for BN to call an early election or snap poll.

Please don't be 'GELOJOH'. People like Hadi Awang should keep his mouth shut, his comment about introducing the 'Islamic Law' in Kedah will not help to foster the relationship between the alternative political parties.

He will scare the Chinese community away and put pressure on DAP to further distance themselves with PAS!

We hope those people who is heading the alternative parties will not get carried away and try to be smart in implementing their political ideals without considering the views of others.

Same goes to DAP, please be sensible and sensitive in implementing their 'Malaysia Malaysia' rhetoric. Next time around you be scaring the Malay community. And those people who vote you in power will shy away in the next GE.

Some creativity is needed to create a well accepted government by all communities in Malaysia. We hope the strategist will draft their action plan in the drawing board and implement them wisely.

Future Exco Members should learn from Exco Members from Kelantan on the meaning of a people oriented state governing.

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It's not even a day since the alternatives won some of the states, unfortunate that we in cyberspace is arguing on who should be the MB of Perak!

And those people from BN is already clapping their hand and ever ready to capitalize on this issue! The state constitution specifically mentioned that MB MUST be a Muslim Malay. The appointment of MB must get consent from the SULTAN!

You just cannot bulldoze your way and ignore the SULTAN!

The Malay are sensitive in this and we should not ROCK the boat! BN will use this as a propaganda later on. Remember that UMNO still hold significant numbers of seats, while DAP can't form a state government on its own. AND DAP need to amend the State Constitution to enable them to be a MB! Still DAP need 2/3 majority.

This won't settle well amongst the Malays. REMEMBER, we want to change, it must be through EVOLUTION and NOT REVOLUTION!

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Anonymous said...

hi there.

interesting post.

i believe that now it's the time that pkr, pas, dap learn to work together and get serious about politics. ;)

hadi has scared some people, including muslims, with his comment about hudud.

going forward, more internal consultation before public statements will help co-operation.

it will take time to educate the rakyat as PAS and DAP has at its heart very different ideologies. compromising this will cause the parties to lose their reason for being (perjuangan) and consequently their core supporters.

keep it up and hope to see you more on my blog. ;)