Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Against All Odds

The Election is near!

Campaigning is now in full swing, with lots of rumors, gossips and bad-mouthing each others.

The opposition is trying hard to garner votes in Penang, Kelantan and Terengganu, hoping to create a state government. I doubt BN will play it clean, with measures are taken to manipulate the election process.

Fanatics amongst the parties, be it BN or the oppositions are justifying each of their ideology or even purpose of existence. What sad is that, instead of campaigning against BN, most are campaigning against each other on which party or leaders is better. Look at those in DAP for instance, blogger like KTEMOC, Jed Yong etc, forever harping on PKR.

It sad really, when there is battle ahead, we act like we are already winning!

I am not a PKR members nor I am a member of any oppositions party. But I hope to see structural changes in Malaysian politics. I am hoping to see greater tolerance and a better alternatives.

But I think this coming election will not provide me those aspiration. The battle is lost already. and what most unfortunate is that the opposition members play a significant roles in that defeat.

Not realising the more demand we made, with less understanding of the structural issues in term of racial diversity even insensitivity towards each other religion, we are actually frightening away non partisan voters away. Just look at argument put forward at various column in or even Some are just insensitive in nature.

BN will win the election! and it is because our own ignorance.

GOD Bless Malaysia.

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