Friday, February 29, 2008

Party Fanatics, The Opposition is Aplenty

Party Fanatics, the oppositions is aplenty!

Just look at most political blogs nowadays! This is the time when we are about to test BN, most political fanaticss, especially from the DAP on purpose pounding PKR with very ill-intention in mind.

Maybe they are forgetting something, DAP will not win without Malays Vote! And DAP need PKR or PAS to deliver those votes to them. But with all of this ill-intentions writing by those bloggers aligned to DAP, I think the Malays will desert them and vote for BN.

History has shown that 'Projek Tanjung' failed before, it failed again subsequently in 'Tanjung 2'! And it will fail again this time around is DAP supporters continue to be arrogant and rhetorics about their 'Malaysian Malaysia' ideology. PAS has lowered their tone on the 'Islamic State' issue. Why cant DAP do the same thing? Bearing in mind, any opposition party will not be able to govern alone with the number of seats they are contesting!

We need each other, stop harping at the wrong political parties. We need to be seen as being together, and work together if we are really serious about getting more seats!

At the rate we are going now, with all the bickering among the supporters, I can say this 'Good Bye' to our dreams on seeing changes in Malaysia political landscape.

Please read , or , for more infor about GE2008.

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ccs said...

I can feel your dis-appointment on this issue, brother... However, I must add that this is exactly the same feeling I have when the politician started to shout about it own brand of religion on the non-believer!

I guess we still got a lot to learn from each other point of view!

please don't give up so easily, let look at the bigger picture ahead...