Friday, February 29, 2008

Are We Really On The Right Track?

I stopped reading Utusan, Berita and NST for the time being. With exception of the sports column I think the rest are just UMNO and BN propoganda. Hey, SPR you got to look at this issue! But then again I think those people handling SPR just do not have the 'egg' to do it!

Anybody seen those TV ads from BN?

Ads 1- Kita Sudah Berada Di Landasan Yang Betul!

Are we sure we are on the right track? Which track? Track that will sent Malaysia to where? Political, Social and Economics Ruins? Track towards political nepotism and cronies?

Ads 2 - Saya Tidak Berani Bertukar Kepada Kerajaan Yang Tidak Berpengalaman!

Now, this is even dumber than the first one. So, are we saying we should continue voting those experienced people in power even though there are incompetent? Come on! If you have somebody working for you, and after so many years, he failed you and shown incompetency, will you just close your eyes and not doing something about it? Just because you afraid that another person is inexperience?

I like very much to comment on the opposition and how they arrange themselves, but that will be in my next posting.

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