Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Expecting To Much? Stop and Think Again. Are We Doing Something About It?

I was reading www.malaysiakini.com , and realised that maybe we are expecting to much from this coming GE.

What if BN and AAB wins big time? What if DAP lost all their seats instead of gaining Penang? What happen to PKR if the party fail to win even a single seat, and worst still, PAS lost Kelantan?

This are possible! Look at those letters and those people who commented at www.malaysia-net or www.agendadaily.com. Why am I saying this?

There are just not enough trust between us! While the non-malays still blaming the malays and not BN (or even themselves) for their predicament, especially the issue of NEP, the malays will carry on with their suspicion on the agenda of non-malays to abolished malays' special rights.

NEP, the issue of Malays' Special rights and the status of the Shariah Courts, is very close the hearts of the malays. Inconsiderate comments, or demands without understanding the real issues will sway the malay votes from the oppositions. I am sure that BN is now trying to spin something to turn these sentiments to their favour.

Dont forget, that in 1999, malay votes favoured the oppositions. The non-malays at that time deserted the oppositions and voted for BN! Even Kit Siang was out from parliment!

I am sure this time around, while the non-malays and malays are together, the spinner from BN will create something to split us apart. History has shown that this has been an effective tactic for BN.

My advice is, be careful and always be on alert! Stop debating issues that affect sentiments of both sides. Both side should stop demanding something that would create uneasiness among the races.

Let us be together this time around. Let translates our determination for a better Malaysia into votes for Barisan Rakyat.

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