Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lingam Tape, What Will Happen Next?

Finally the much awaited Public Hearing is on!

As reported by various online news like www.malaysiakini.com , and many bloggers, the interesting part would be on the composition of the panel of inquiry. Many are directly or indirectly mentioned in the tape.

What linger in my mind still, would the Suruhanjaya DiRaja make any different? Will there be changes in the appointment of judges? will the executive branch stop meddling in the matters related to the judiciary?

Will this stop the rot in the way Malaysia is governed?

It need lots more than just an inquiry, we need the courage to change! The courage and the bravery to reject corruption and nepotism.

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skypenator said...

I predict that Lingam will admit to have made the call (since the Bizman already publically made a statement saying so) but Lingam will denied making the call to Fairuz.

Since there was no proof whatsoever to pin point to Fairuz, Lingam would say that he just pulled the Bizman's leg by saying that at the other end was Fairuz, and in way made a fool out of everyone.

In the end, the Commission accepted Lingam's testimony and decided that it was just a practical joked on the Bizman and case closed.

No proof, no case.

Pak Lah will then tell everyone to stop discussing further and that will be the end of the all.