Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Are We Heading Anywhere?

If you ask me about Malaysian politics, I can say this 'I am so tired of it'.

I keep asking myself, do voters in the rural areas ever read alternatives news media? Our broadband penetration is only around 11-15%.

Wonder how many percentage of the voters do have access to , malaysia2day or other alternatives media.

Well I am not saying that I am with all the writing in this media nor I agree with their political or political philosophy, but I respect alternatives views.

In the meantime, what happen to Altantuya case, with all the allegations about the involvement of a senior minister- I am sure the case will vaporised and then people will forget about it. The accused will be acquited, then the matter closed. Then what? Another scandal perhaps?

I really like to see the outcome of this Lingam case. If there is any? (LOL)

Keep asking myself, we are we heading to? time is bad, economy is bad, race relation is bad...

I wonder...

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