Monday, December 10, 2007

What a Sorry State... Or Is It a Police State

I noticed that the clampdown is just started. When I read the news today the current regime really intend to put a stop to dissent! and will bring you more accurate information on the latest development.

I remember Singapore, all those legal suits against the oppositions. Now it is happening in Malaysia. What a sorry and sad state we are in! I trust there will be more in in the coming days.

We seriously need to ponder whether we should keep the current regime this time around. I say 'Vote them out!'.

Lastly we need to ensure that the next Public Prosecutor is really a Public Prosecutor that will ensure impartiality and non partisan in nature!

It seem that our 'Public Prosecutor' is becoming the 'Prosecutor for the party in power!'.

What a sorry state we are in now!

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Facts will be facts
Unless we hide facts
Unless we deny facts
Unless we distort facts

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Thur. 17th Jan. 2008.