Friday, August 20, 2010

An Open Letter To My PAS MP

Salam 1Malaysia YB.

I think you are blinded with the craze for power that you ignored the logic of politic and Muslim survival in the real world.

Are sure those friends of yours are sincere enough? have you tried working or doing business in industries control by the non-malays?

Have you? Ask real genuine Malay contractors! ask real genuine Malay IT companies!

The reality is that, we have got no support from your new friends! Do you know how difficult it is the manage when there are preferential treatments from non-malays suppliers or even employes to the Malays? Do you realize that there we Malays have treated unfairly by those non-malays supplier and employers?

Those people that you and PAS are befriending is using you as a tools to get into power. You and your party are sidelining the Malays Muslim
, and we are getting tired.

Talk is cheap.. Please get out from your political and academic world and appreciate the hardship of genuine Malay business owners.

Please forget about your Putrajaya ambition. PAS is loosing respect and support from Muslim Malays. Its a pity that PAS sacrifices its principles just to be in power.

I pray that Allah SWT will punish you and PAS in the next GE.


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