Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am going to be a racist from now on!

Enough with this bull shit from PKR and chauvinist DAP.

Malays need to stand up, fight for what is right!

UMNO is not doing it, Anwar has reduced himself as DAP lap dog, PAS are confused, hell! what is left with us Malays?

Damn, when we argue for our rights, we are labelled as a racist. When other people argue, that is their right..


Anonymous said...

What f***ing rights u talking about? Dont have balls to do earn it yourself? Still want the BN govt to give u easy money? Bloody hell! Be your own man! I know lots of malay friends who works hard, content with life, earn good money and thinks BN is full of shit! Better get DETTOL and clean your head cos too much NEP has made u useless and lazy. The non-malays dont want any privileges but fairness in all. Why not the best students gets scholarships? Why not the poor be it malay or not gets aid? Why the utter nonsense of your rights? Grow up!

Anonymous said...

fairness my foot you idiot! you people are controlling all of the economic, while being so racist with your Malays employees!

look at the real Malaysia you idiot!!

Who is controlling who now!! you people sucks our blood like hell.. we have enough of this..

Anonymous said...

Enough of these c**n** capitalist blood sucker!! they feel they are so high and good.. I think we should nationalize all of these people business and give it back to the Malays..just like Zimbabwe is doing!!

Then they know how it is in Zimbabwe!!

mohd ali ismail said...

epitThere is no point fighting with each other over race and creed at this point in time.Nobody is to blame for the state of affairs we are all in now, but ,politics.The politicians are to blame why Malaysians are disintegrated.This is a political ploy to "divide and rule" and we become victims of political will. If we Malaysians are to learn to live harmoniously together we have to urge the Government to overhaul our education system.Only one medium of language to be used and one standard primary school for all.Over time Malaysians will be ONE.