Saturday, August 30, 2008


Believe it or not, in Malaysia racism work and comes from all direction.

Pointing a finger towards any particular section of the community and accusing them racist is actually pointing back four fingers towards ourselves!

I would say that we are all guilty of being a racist! For a start we should stop calling people with their race, the likes of 'anak melayu tu, or budak cina ni'. Unfortunately we are so used to it that we accept it as a norm.

I do hope as a start we should stop calling somebody names that is link with a particular race.

We also can't stop labelling certain character with certain race. Example we always link chinese with gangsters, malays with laziness and indian with alcoholism.

How many of us really conform and potray a high level of EQ and sensitivity towards race labelling?

It is a pity that this is so rampant in Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i'm sorry but i just couldn't help myself for commenting ton this post after reading about it...
i totally agree with what you said about pointing 4 fingers at ourselves but the fact is, there will always be unsatisfactoriness when fairness is concern. for instance, non-bumis will not be satisfy with the social contract which place much favor towards bumis and the situation is worst as the government also implement the "must have malays in ur corp" which is totally unfair as some of the people have to work hard to be ceo. the list goes on but this is just an example to prove my point. we are still human and to fret and grumble is part of process in life. as written in shakespear in mcbeth, life is but a burning candle who frets upon the stage. which literally means, we will be fretting and making ourselves miserable with unfair policies and unjust moments while our lives are like the burning candle which is going to diminish anytime soon. this hasn't change during shakespear time and it won't be even now or in the near future. tolerance and acceptance is the key. however it must be done with deep consideration. tolerate with the intention of maintaining peace and hormony. accept fairness and justice and not things that only benefit ourselves. then, by gods will, or for buddhist and hindus, the laws of karma, we will truly be united and be in harmony under one big roof of malaysia.