Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Selective Publishing By Malaysiakini?

I was made to understand that there are words around saying that Malaysiakini has embark into selective publication of readers' letters and linking of blogs.

Well I am not very sure the allegation is true or not. It it seems that Malaysiakini have got the tendency to published letters and linking blogs to the privilege few.

Probably along the way, Malaysiakini has got the tendency of a MSM in term of their news delivery. I think supporting certain views or perspective is acceptable but reprieving others from expressing their alternative views is certainly not on.

But then again, it is 'their' news media and they can do what ever they want ain't it?

So much talk about liberty and freedom of speech...

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Anonymous said...

There are many vultures and parasites and leeches in this world. When someone thru hardwork and sacrifice manages to achieve something, this is when these pariahs come. You can see many of them in the UN and high profeile ew successful organizations.

In news medias, expect these political scums, vultures, and bastards, especially Indians, to come in and start carrying balls to get a place in an established organization.

Then see what happens.

They start abusing the gate-keepers' seats for their own purposes.

I think, there's a lesson to be learnt from the Philippines. Crooks in the disguise of journalists and editors should be fearful. People shold not be fearful of them