Monday, July 07, 2008


These past weeks has been a tiring week for most of us Malaysian.

I would say that I am partly agreeing to the commenter in Malaysiakini Vox Populi that 'Politician Are Greedy For Power'.

Although I do not endorse all of his ideas, but I think most or even all politician are now beginning showing their true colors. Politicians being one, is one human being that is always starve for power!

Personally I would say that we need to move on. BN won the election with 30 over seats. In an democracy's election, even one vote and or one seat is the winner and we need to respect that!

We need to put a stop to all this politicking as it is counter productive. The world economy is experiencing a decline and we (the people) are suffering.

It is very unfortunate that there are some of us still thinking of seizing power from the current lawful elected government of the day. If the alternatives parties perform as what is expected by the people, why worry then?

They can participate in the next general election! If they win, then with all means form the government!

In am a bit concerned with a comment in the same VoxPopuli by Malaysiakini, quoted as saying 'For the sake of the people, please do the decent thing and let the popular people’s choice replace the present regime.'

I beg to differ on this. In democracy popular is not a criteria to form a government. The parties must win the election, and it is imperative that popularity be translated in votes.

In view, we need to let the current government to prove their worth and to continue govern as what they should be doing, instead of busy politicking. This is important as we are face with challenges arises from the world economic slowdown.

We need to work on the managing of the economy and all political parties need to be complimentary in providing inputs and ideas instead of adopting an adversary approach against each other.

Pak Lah, please take charge!

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