Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is PKR country, once a PKR supporter said to me about Selangor state' government.

Last Friday, there was a celebration organize by the state government for 100 days of governing. According to Malaysiakini in their reporting of the celebration, Tan Sri Khalid, the former CEO of Kumpulan Guthrie mentioned about turning Selangor into a communitarian state. In his statement, he reiterate - as quoated by malaysiakini, 'the state government plans to make economic growth ‘meaningful’ for the common people and to translate them into programmes to protect and promote their welfare.'

However it was quite interesting for me to read the report when Malaysiakini as quoted as the people are cautiously happy of the state government. We like to know what does cautiously happy mean, as it is a bit fuzzy for me to understand.
What has the PR government achieved so far? Free running for water, well at least at RM 11.00 discounted on overall bills.
  1. A modern pig farm (enough to feed the whole Singapore population?)
  2. Ban Islam Hadhari (lol)
  3. What else? ( A Dangdut Concert and a controversy with HRH The Sultan)
In an interview with with Malaysiakini the other day, Tan Sri Khalid, or (TSK when he was at the helm of Guthrie) has said that he should have postponed the approval for the pig farm. Well I am not blaming him on that. Probably Teresa, his Senior Exco had pressured him into approving it anyway (well at least by reading her blogs and the post GE celebration, I assumed Teresa is a hell of a pork lover).

In another development though, it was again reported that the former MB, YB Dr. Khir Toyo, criticized that he is not impressed with having NGO representatives in local councils because they are usually not locals within the council’s jurisdiction.

I wonder if during Dr. Khir, there was enough locals in each councils? I remember many instances when he was heavily criticized for his lack of of environmental friendliness that got himself famous during the many disclosure by TV3 on his careless attitude on the Bukit Cerakah issue, as well as sand theft in Selangor.

How can now, he has got the cheek to talk about local jurisdiction? For me, it would be better to have somebody from outside who cares rather than somebody inside who like to robed.

Malaysiakini also reported about Anthony Thanasayan has been at the forefront of advocating the rights of the disabled for the past decade.

I do hope that Anthony will be able to provide good constructive ideas for the development and well being of the handicapped.

Once must remember that we can say a lot of thing when we are outside, so when we are inside we are suppose to develop instead of just criticizing. I hope he make the cut to be a good councillor.

All this, with appointment of handicapped, community involvement and participation in governing, as well a transparency service delivery, I hope would be a good challenge and put pressure for all states governing in Malaysia either from PR or BN.

Good luck Selangor, you will need all the luck you need.

You may want to bookmark this blog as I be writing a full analysis in Bahasa Malaysia on 'Anwar Ibrahim, masih relevan? Dari Kacamata Orang Melayu Pasca Pilihanraya 2008'. I will post it before 9 am tommorow (23 June 2008)

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