Sunday, June 15, 2008


I just want to comment on an article at the malaysiakini today. Click here for the details.

This is an interesting column by malaysiakini on the future direction of the Malays community.

Malays at 'defining moment' of history
Terence Netto | Jun 15, 08 5:26pm

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim said Malays were at a "defining moment" of history that demanded they "disenthrall" themselves from the colonial discourse that portrayed them as dependent on patronage to survive.

Umno promotes dependency syndrome to survive
Dr M fails to break away from colonial discourse

Can Anwar call the shot for the Malays? My questions was that in total, how many in terms of popular votes (percentage wise) from the Malays actually went to PKR?

Are the Malays community really ready for 'real' power sharing? Will the Malays won't run amok when suddenly their 'special privilege' that they enjoyed throughout the years taken away from them.

In my opinion the fate of a community cannot and should not be determined by 'one' person. A referendum must be made within the community.

UMNO will play a simple issue. Is the playing field is now level for full competition? The Malays are still way behind in the business and trade. The Chinese traditionally control the economy having the financial clouds to at least influence the current government in many economic decisions.

What will happen to the Malays community, when they lost the political power, while they are very weak the business and trade?

Are the Malays community in Perak, Selangor or Melaka ready for a non-Malay to lead the state government?

Yes, the Malays did voted for the oppositions, but mostly was due to protest for UMNO. It was UMNO weaknesses and not PR strengths that wins PR the votes. Will you think that the Malays will vote for DAP again next time around? Well I am not very sure after all the political game play and anti-Malays attitude from some of their leaders.

It is a fallacy if we think that most Malays are ready to sacrifice their special rights and happily adopted the Malaysia Malaysian slogan.

UMNO knows that, and if there is any attempts by Anwar to topple the UMNO/ BN government through leaping frogs from Sabah or Sarawak, will you think UMNO will just let it be without doing anything?

One must remember, while PR 30 seats for a simple majority, UMNO/BN only requires 5 seats for a 2/3 majority.

Unless Anwar have got tons of money against UMNO/ BN financial capability, I think a PR government would be a faraway dreams.

Even if Anwar manage to secure 30 MP to cross over, UMNO/ BN will dissolve parliament for a snap election and with the strong feeling amongst the Malays against DAP, Malays votes will sway to UMNO/ BN surely.

I think we seriously need to look at both side of the coin.

5 seats against 30, if my mathematics is right, UMNO/ BN will got the 5 anytime next year.


Anonymous said...

It's cause and effect, isn't it? Have you wondered why the Malays are still behind in business and trade despite the fact that the playing field has been skewed in their favour for the past 30 years? When will the field be ever level then? Unless one is prepared to take the bull by the horns, work hard and sacrifice, the playing field will always appear to him to be uneven! Anwar is just asking the Malays to change their mindset for their own good!

Anonymous said...

Don't count the non-Malays!.

BN have ruled the country since independence, they hatched the NEP to give Malays privilege because they are mentally handicapped in education and business. NEP is now more than 30 years and it is claimed that it didn't achieve it's objective. So what went wrong? more than 30 years with great advantages and a myriad of obstacles imposed on the non-Malays from competing, yet the Malays are not achieving. Did you care to think, that the UMNO guys are just cheating you guys! Even if this country is only with one race(Malay) I am sure it will be worst than Indonesia or Bangladesh.


Anonymous said...

I am a Malay, who prior to the general election thought of a united Malaysia, but now I think otherwise. If election comes again, I will vote UMNO or PAS for an islamic state. Why are we Malays so eager to let go of our rights when the Non Malays are themselves so rascist towards us? They refuse to assimilated, refuse to speak Bahasa Melayu, forget it! Long live NEP!

Anonymous said...

You're so patronizing; what do you expect from a Malay guy in biz who probably get all the patronage benefits under NEP! You think all the Malays are cows that they can't think for themselves?! Well let me tell you something, my old parents, father-std 6; mother, std. 3, yes, are now PR supporters! It was them influencing me in the first place; rather than the other way around! Not simplistically as you naively think because they're only protesting against Umno; but because they do believe PR, especially under PKR & DAP can bring justice back to this sorry nation-state! So, it's not just the increasingly highly-educated Malay youths who hates the 'evil' Umno/BN; even my parents' generation are sick of being bullied and brainwashed like cows by the likes of Malay elites like you & the Umno goons!

Anonymous said...

that's the way YOU see it.
i too believe this is how the majority malays see it and here lies the problem, that's how wrong you and the rest are.
this i have no idea... what's your answer to: dont you think with the NEP, malays will never work hard enough to achieve what the others have?

The Way I See It said...

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My comments are based on a non-partisan view. I am writing based on the general feelings/ perception of most people on the ground, so as that, any political parties will never get lost of touch with their political ideology.

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