Sunday, June 15, 2008


People of the faith, BE WARN on on the growing trend of secularism in Malaysia.

It seems that many Seculars like Malik Imtiaz, Haris Ibrahim and members of the 'Sisters of Islam) are demanding more of the secular rights and forgetting that in Islam 'Islam is Ad Deen' or A way of life' and should not be separated from politics.

It its regretful when non-muslims like Helen Ang, after reading the translation of the Al Quran, are interpreting those sacred verses in according their own logical thinking.

We need to arrest these development and curb the idea of separation of the state with Islam.

Religion in Islam is not just about one own personal conviction, i.e. the personal relationship between him and his Creator, but also relates to his way of life and how he relates his life to the community and observing the 5 'Rukun Islam' and 6 'Rukun Iman'.

It would be better for non-muslim to stop arguing and interpreting Islam from their ignorant perspectives.

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