Monday, May 19, 2008

Republic of Malaysia: Next Prime Minister Please Raise Your Hand

I have read an article in Syed Huseein Al Attas Blog about the Prime Minister of Republic of Malaysia.

Why I did he referred Malaysia as a 'Republic', well I am not sure. Maybe Pak Habib has got something or a 'dalil' on the Malaysia's political direction.

Will PKR and PAS settle for a 'Republic', I know very well a Malaysia Malaysian party will!

PR is riding high now, after all Tun M has quits UMNO. Theoretically, that is something bad for UMNO. After all, Datuk Shahrir cautioned that there might be another GE coming soon.

Will BN or UMNO vaporised and PR will ride high? Well among the PR supporters, confidence is all time high. But will the Malays vote swing to PR this time around?

To tell you the truth, I am not confidence that the Malays will support a Republic of Malaysia. On the ground that is the general feeling.

Most Malays felt that they will left behind, and be like Malays in Singapore.

You and me knows that this is not true. But will you be able to convince those 'Mak Ciks and Pak Ciks' in the kampungs.

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