Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh God, please save us

Once again, we are getting many updates on the nominees for the next GE. Alternatives websites like , or are good source of information, other than/ or maybe better than BN aka KJ controlled medias.

I was saying that I am not expecting any major changes in BN line up. The old tired faces, and probably half past six cabinet line again!

I be praying hard from today for God to continue to bless us!

However I am worry that God will punish us for our continued support of the current corrupt and incompetent government. KJ group is now penetrating each respective UMNO division, and many of those future GE candidates are KJ's man.

Many will not realize that we are falling to this devilish trap set upon by those boys from level 4. We must work hard to deny those traps set upon us, please vote wisely.

God will punish us for our mistakes.

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