Thursday, February 21, 2008

I wont be expecting any much changes

As we are progressing nearer to the General Election, the respective political parties are announcing their candidates. You can have a good informative reading from sites likes , or

As we expected, there will be surprises from either BN or the opposition.

But after reading through the list of candidates from BN as at today, I wont be expecting much changes from the potential candidates. I truly wonder if PM was actually awake when he revise the list? I wonder who actually approve the list, or was there 'invisible hands' behind the selection of candidates.

I wonder if those people up there really understand the predicament of normal citizens. Otherwise people in the BN are becoming deaf and fail to understand the sentiment on the ground.

I am excited to see should Shahidan, Adnan and Khir Toyo would continue as head of state governments. After series of blunders and inefficiency, I cant imagine those three would survive and still be leading. For me, their re-appointment is serious disappointment.

I think we are mowing towards an era where Indonesia had once experience. The diminishing of the middle classes and increases in the lower class society. It will be then either you are bloody dam rich or you are dam poor.

Trust me, we are moving towards a bigger gap in society, and all are results of our poor economic and political management.


Khir Toyo remain as MB for Selangor! It seems that PM has no guts or b**l to move those under performer from power. Maybe he is an under performer himself?

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