Saturday, November 10, 2007

Who is the Monkey

Disgusting, that is one word I have for Malaysia's famous Son In Law.

Well at least those people on the street are courages enough to show their concern on what is happening now in our country. Better than some people who is overly protected by their father in law.

From what I gathered, the ROYAL Malaysian Police are now arresting people who is wearing yellow clothing! Mind you En. Konstable, those people wearing YELLOW, is to show their loyalty to the KING @ SPB YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG!

As far as we are concern, our loyalty must be with the KING, then why arrest people who are actually wearing yellow? Who is now disloyal?

If those people out there who are marching for 'election fairness' are monkeys, then may I know what type of creatures who hide under his 'father in law' armpit would be...

In the meantime, connection to and are currently busy, making it difficult to know news on the latest development of BERSIH gathering.

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Syazwina Saw said...

MalaysiaKini and Malaysia-Today have been hacked (insert curse here).

Go to for the latest updates.

I'm not in Malaysia at the mo. Any coverage of the event on the local news?