Friday, November 09, 2007

Maths and Science in B. Malaysia

Mohd. Puad a representative from UMNO Johor on teaching of maths and science in English-

‘‘Kita melihat dalam ruang lebih luas, pandangan lebih jauh ke hadapan. Kita mahu maju dengan acuan sendiri. Malah tidak ada negara di dunia yang maju dengan meminjam bahasa orang lain.’’

Well I can only agree! Why wasn't the issue brought up during Tun Mahathir administration, when we were so eager to teach maths and science in English? Maybe those people have got no courage to speak up against Tun M wishes.

Now we realised that we are actually moving our Malay language backward, instead of forward! The Japanese and the German, not to say the French are developed nations. Did they learn maths and science in English?

Did UMNO realised rural malay kids are having difficulties in understanding maths and science, not because of technical or educational aspect of it, but due to the language barrier? While the malays are left behind in business and even no of technocrats, we are making it harder for our kids to catch up with the rest of non-malays urban.

As I remembered, the reason why we shifted to English was due to competitiveness and the worry number of unemployed graduates. The myths was, local graduates (mostly malays) inability to converse fluently in English compared to the non-malays graduates. Is this true?

Maybe and maybe not? It has been a well known secret that employers from the private sectors prefers non-malays rather than the malays, not due to the fact of quality, but more on sentiments.

Admit it or not, this is the fact, and mainly because most private companies are owned by non-malays entrepreneurs. Asking for mandarin as a pre-requisite, the issue of 'tudung' for the muslim female and many more ridiculous conditions put on to malay graduates who is seeking employement.

I have seen many companies, who employed malays as tea-ladies, office boys or drivers. I have seen organisations recruits selectively and selective promotions that based on race.

This is a known secrets. It has got nothing to do with the English language proficency. I wonder what people and readers at would say this time around about UMNO Johor proposal.


Hamzah said...

I think you are a katak under a tempurung!

I hired abt 50% malays and 50% non malays BUT when comes to my customers esp MNCs - I always have the non malays handling them - why? coz they can communicate in English better tu aje.

moreover, my company ad also states Mandarin required and we are 100% bumi!

I got one malay who knows mandarin but ALL clients in HK, Taiwan and China are handled by Mandarin speaking staffs.

I hope Malays will stop listening to UMNO lies in the world out there tak kisah warna kulit hanya otak kita!

The Way I See It said...

TQ for your comment...

Pernah tengok banggunan Hamzah Kwong Hing?

:). are u sure ur comp is bumi comp?

Malaysia said...

See my letter in malaysiakini

You are a damned racist like UMNO people.

I did work for a MNC in Penang, one of my direct boss is a Malay. Through own experience, Malay boss has more tendecy to favor his own race. Malay managers usually employing more Malay engineers under them compared to Chinese and Indian Managers.

I have one bad comment on Malay graduates. Local trained Malay graduates still having crutch mindset problem compared to overseas Malay graduates. No local graduates can survice in competitive MNCs, not due to the language barrier, but mainly on their working attitude is alike public servants.

Only overseas Malay graduates are willing to work hard as non-bumi engineers. One of my Malay friends is MD for a MNC in Penang.

nkk for

technorati said...

putting aside the skin colour and whether one is Malay (therefore Bumi), can you look at the reality of dealing with an international clientele? If your customer is from China, Taiwan, and HK... don't you think your customer service reps need to be able to converse in Chinese? Similarly when your customers are from US, UK, India, Australia, do you think you can do business speaking Malay to these customers?

If you can honestly answer these 2 questions, then I think you can tell people why it is so important to have Malay as the ONLY language... for education as well as for business. If you can't that would also mean that having just Malay is NOT the way to go.

Why challenge private organisations when they put up ads to hire staff who can speak Chinese? If a Malay can speak Chinese, I am sure he/she will be hired....

ali allah ditta said...

The only reason why Mahathir switch from BM to English for the Maths & Science subjects is not because of the English communicative problem but more on economic reasons.

Just imagine when change the medium of instruction from BM to English,
you got to change the text books, workbook,worksheets,teaching materials,train teachers etc,etc,- the total cost runs in billions and who or which company will benefit from this,obviously not you and I but Mahathir's cronies are going to smile their way to the bank.

Talking about the poor rural Malay pupils,what do they know,even answering Maths & Science questions in their mother tongue is so difficult with them,what about in English? Even the teachers too are not proficient enough to teach Maths & Science in English.

Mahathir was forwarned about this folly but his educational advisors convinced him otherwise. Now they got to manipulate the UPSR,PMR,
Maths & Science scores so as to look everything correct,correct &