Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let HINDRAF submit the MEMO to the British High Com!

I read with great dismay on how PDRM handle the whole rally. It wouldn't it be better to coordinate the submission of the memo to the rep of the British High Com, and let everybody go home?

Though, some of us may disagree with part of the 18 point claims, but that cannot be a reason why we should stop them giving their grievances.

Isn't the rally also prove that MIC is not doing enough to fight for the cause of the Indian community.

If PDRM think that they can push those people back with water canons with acid substance, think again!. Those people participating are already for their entire life face with hardship and suffering, would they budge just being afraid of those water canons?

I personally believed that those people are entitle to participate in a peaceful rally and the police should facilitate and not take a offensive strategy to disperse them.

I want to let the Indian community in Malaysia know that, there are Malays who are sympathizer to your cause, no matter how difference our political difference.

Good Luck.

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