Monday, September 27, 2010

PKR Election: A Form of Ethnic Cleansing?

Like I said, the truth is prevailing.

The Malays are leaving PKR, and the Malays leaders within PKR is thrown out one by one.

PKR was originally formed by reformist Malays with supports from progressive Islamic Scholars.

Now it is being hijack by people from secular based NGOs and opportunist, that is trying hard to eliminate the foundation of PKR existance.

Anwar is getting a piece of his own political game, when his closest ally, Azmin Ali is being politically threaten by Zaid Ibrahim.

Azmin is not very popular with the non-malays, while Zaid, a secular and a alcoholic drinker is very liked by the non-malays.

From the current trend of voting, the non-malays members is banding together to get rid of the Malays and Islamic foundation of PKR.

Anwar knows better, he knows that; if Azmin lost the Deputy President election, the Malays will be leaving PKR - as most of the Malays members are believing that their party is being hijack.

Anwar cannot risk that, as he knows without the Malays support he will not be PM.

The question remains, will Anwar break his silence? or will he risked of doing nothing to arrest the trend.

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