Friday, February 26, 2010

Show-cause letter for The Star

From the Star,

KUALA LUMPUR: The Home Ministry has issued a show-cause letter to The Star over the article “Persuasion, not compulsion”, that was published on Feb 19.

The two-page letter yesterday, signed by ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam, gave the newspaper 14 days to reply as to why action should not be taken against it.

The commentary, written by managing editor P. Gunasegaram in his column Question Time, was on the caning of three Muslim women for illicit sex.

Several groups have since lodged police reports against him and the newspaper.

The Star apologised on Wednesday, stating there was no intention to insult or offend any Muslim with the publication of the article.

My comments:

Senang-senang je, lepas tulis bagi satu donia tengok... minta maaf. This P. Gunasegaram is actually a racist. I seen and heard him in one seminar bashing the government policies on bumiputera!

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