Monday, February 16, 2009

Malaysiakini: PR Must Earn The People Respect

Lesson from politics 101: Earn People Respect. It is not 'Either You are With Me, Or You are With Them'.

There are a good number of fence sitters voters who actually do not affiliate themselves with any political parties nor ideologies.

In any election, the fence sitter would always be the King Maker!

It would be a common thing for any constituent to have a ratio of 30:30:40, whereby it would represent the ratio of BN:PR:Fence Sitters. The question is that what has PR done to attract the fence sitters to vote for them? Any longer term strategies other than 1001 claims of mismanagement? So what are the alternatives solutions?

In the time being we have been waiting for the shadow cabinet for about a year!! Nothing has been done yet?

The way the PR is acting now is that 'Either You are With PR, Or You Are with BN'.

PR cannot just rely on voters sentiment alone!! People tend to forget easily... They voted for PR yesterday, but they may vote for BN tomorrow!! So please always look back to the ground.. politics is about the game of perception.. most politicians tend to forget it!!

making thing worst now is that, PR have got an additional opponent, that is the Sultans!! Instead of focusing on BN / UMNO, they get themselves entangle with the Sultans...

What the fcuk the PR leaders is up to? politician will remain politicians, they are just another animal species...


pakatan rakyat said...

Pakatan Rakyat:less than 1 year establishment yet they are doing a job what barisan najis can do in 51 years!

Barisan Najis:a killer being a prime minister wannabe,with the fat mama singin gucci gucci daily!anak toyol cant even keep this mouth shut when the whole of selangor hates him!using what ever propoganda to lied to the poor malays and enrich themselve!what a shamefull political party,not to say leading the gorverment!and the ankasawan thinngie,using hundred millions to send one person to space,and that is not even our ship!coming back shouting malaysia boleh...hahahaha!while tons of poor malay kampung peeps starving ,ini pula seorang ala-ala angkasawa tumpang kapal russia,balik to tanah air denagn laungan malaysia boleh!yea..memang malaysia boleh...malaysia boleh malu..malaysia boleh shiok sendiri!

umno haram jadah said...

Kalau orang yang tak berpelajaran tinggi menjadi Haprak itu tidak menghairankan tetapi yang berlaku adalah sebaliknya.UMNO memang dah lama jadi Haprak dan ini semua orang sedia maklum.apa lagi otak si umno and ahli-ahlinya semuanya.bodoh...cakap nak bela hak raja-raja!tak malu!siapa yang panggil sultan/agung natang!siapa yang larikan adik kepada sultan selagor dan kahwin secara haram!...ini semuan adalah perbuatan si parti keji si haram jadah umno itu!memalukan bangsa melayu...pembela bangsa melayu dan raja-raja melayu...PUI!